Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 23-909

Current through L. 2023, ch. 12
Section 23-909 - Motion picture exemption
A. The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to employers and their employees engaged in any phase of the motion picture business that meet all of the following requirements:
1. The motion picture company engaging in such work is temporarily within the state for a period not to exceed eight months.
2. Such motion picture company is otherwise insured by a recognized insurance company where the premiums and benefits under such other insurance are at least equal to those provided in the workers' compensation laws in the state in which such company is incorporated, or if not incorporated, has its principal offices.
B. All Arizona residents employed by any company fulfilling the exemption requirements of this section shall execute a form rejecting the provisions of the compulsory compensation law of the state of Arizona and accepting the insurance coverage provided in this section. The form shall be in writing, signed and dated by the employee and given to his employer in duplicate in substantially the following form: "TO (name of employer): You are hereby notified that the undersigned elects to reject the terms, conditions and provisions of the law for the payment of compensation, as provided by the compulsory compensation law of the state of Arizona, and acts amendatory thereto. The undersigned elects to come under the policy of insurance in __________________ insurance company secured by you and which carries similar premiums and benefits as provided under the compensation laws of the state of ________________________."
C. The provisions of section 23-906 shall apply to the insurance provided by the employer in this section, and shall be construed so that any reference to compulsory compensation of Arizona in such section is interpreted to include the insurance provided under this section. An election to come under the provisions of the insurance in this section shall not render the employer liable for damages of common law.

A.R.S. § 23-909