Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 20-1503

Current through L. 2023, ch. 205
Section 20-1503 - Arizona standard fire policy
A. No policy of fire insurance covering property located in this state shall be made, issued or delivered unless it conforms as to all provisions and the sequence thereof with the basic policy commonly known as the New York standard fire policy, edition of 1943. Such policy is designated as the Arizona standard fire policy.
B. The Arizona standard fire policy may exclude coverage for loss by fire or other perils insured against if the loss is caused directly or indirectly by terrorism and involves risks other than a type of risk to which article 12 of this chapter applies.
C. The director shall file in his office and thereafter maintain so on file, a true copy of the Arizona standard fire policy, designated as such and bearing the director's authenticating certificate and signature and the date of filing. Provisions to be contained on the first page of the policy may be rewritten, supplemented and rearranged to facilitate policy issuance and to include matter which may otherwise properly be added by endorsement.

A.R.S. § 20-1503