Ariz. Rev. Stat. § 13-102

Current through L. 2022, ch. 388
Section 13-102 - Applicability of title
A. Except as otherwise provided by law, the procedure governing the accusation, prosecution, conviction and punishment of offenders and offenses is not regulated by this title but by the rules of criminal procedure.
B. This title does not affect any power conferred by law upon a court-martial or other military authority or officer to prosecute and punish conduct and offenders violating military codes or laws, nor any power conferred by law to impose or inflict punishment for contempt.
C. This title does not bar, suspend or otherwise affect any right or liability to damages, penalty, forfeiture or other remedy authorized by law to be recovered or enforced in a civil action, regardless of whether the conduct involved in the proceeding constitutes an offense defined in this title.
D. Except as otherwise expressly provided, or unless the context otherwise requires, the provisions of this title shall govern the construction of and punishment for any offense defined outside this title.

A.R.S. § 13-102