Alaska Stat. § 17.38.310

Current through 2023 Legislative Sessions
Section 17.38.310 - Removal of local option
(a) If a majority of the voters voting on the question vote to remove the option, an established village shall remove a local option previously adopted under AS 17.38.300. The option is repealed effective the first day of the month following certification of the results of the election.
(b) A ballot question to remove a local option under this section must at least contain language substantially similar to the following Sec.Shall (name of village) remove the local option currently in effect, that prohibits (current local option under AS 17.38.300(a)), so that there is no longer any local option in effect? (yes or no)."
(c) When issuing a registration in the area that has removed a local option, the board shall give priority to an applicant who was formerly registered and whose registration was not renewed because of the results of the previous local option election. However, an applicant described in this subsection does not have a legal right to registration, and the board is not required to approve the application.

AS 17.38.310

Added by SLA 2016, ch. 53,sec. 4, eff. 7/28/2016.