Alaska Stat. § 17.38.220

Current through 2023 Legislative Sessions
Section 17.38.220 - Employers, driving, minors and control of property
(a) Nothing in this chapter is intended to require an employer to permit or accommodate the use, consumption , possession, transfer, display, transportation, sale, or growing of marijuana in the workplace or to affect the ability of employers to have policies restricting the use of marijuana by employees.
(b) Nothing in this chapter is intended to allow driving under the influence of marijuana or to supersede laws related to driving under the influence of marijuana.
(c) Nothing in this chapter is intended to permit the transfer of marijuana, with or without remuneration, to a person under the age of 21.
(d) Nothing in this chapter shall prohibit a person, employer, school, hospital, recreation or youth center, correction facility, corporation, or any other entity who occupies, owns, or controls private property from prohibiting or otherwise regulating the possession, consumption, use, display, transfer, distribution, sale, transportation, or growing of marijuana on or in that property.

AS 17.38.220

Amended by SLA 2019, ch. 13,sec. 68, eff. 10/17/2019.
Added by 2014 Alaska Ballot Measure 2, approved in 11/4/2014 election, eff. 2/24/2015.