Alaska Stat. § 17.38.010

Current through 2023 Legislative Sessions
Section 17.38.010 - Purpose and findings
(a) In the interest of allowing law enforcement to focus on violent and property crimes, and to enhance individual freedom, the people of the state of Alaska find and declare that the use of marijuana should be legal for persons 21 years of age or older.
(b) In the interest of the health and public safety of our citizenry, the people of the state of Alaska further find and declare that the production and sale of marijuana should be regulated so that :
(1) individuals will have to show proof of age before purchasing marijuana;
(2) legitimate, taxpaying business people, and not criminal actors, will conduct sales of marijuana; and
(3) marijuana sold by regulated businesses will be labeled and subject to additional regulations to ensure that consumers are informed and protected.
(c) The people of the state of Alaska further declare that the provisions of this Act are not intended to diminish the right to privacy as interpreted by the Alaska Supreme Court in Ravin v. State of Alaska.
(d) Nothing in this Act proposes or intends to require any individual or entity to engage in any conduct that violates federal law, or exempt any individual or entity from any requirement of federal law, or pose any obstacle to federal enforcement of federal law.

AS 17.38.010

Added by Alaska 2014 Ballot Measure 2, approved in 11/4/2014 election, eff. 2/24/2015.