Alaska Stat. § 14.40.075

Current through Chapter 26 of the 2023 Legislative Session
Section 14.40.075 - Alaska Earthquake and Volcanic Hazards Assessment Project; state seismologist
(a) The University of Alaska shall establish an Alaska Earthquake and Volcano Hazards Assessment Project within the seismology program of the geophysical institute. The project shall
(1) collect, record, process, and archive seismic data on earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in the state;
(2) conduct seismological studies relating to earthquake and volcano hazards assessment;
(3) evaluate earthquake and volcanic seismic data to assist in the identification and assessment of earthquake and volcanic hazards that may pose a significant risk to lives and property in the state;
(4) inform public officials, industry, and private citizens of potential earthquake or volcanic risks and assist in planning to reduce risks to lives and property; and
(5) coordinate its activities with other organizations and agencies that monitor, collect, assess, and conduct research on earthquake and volcano hazards in order to avoid duplication of effort.
(b) The administration and management of the project are under a university employee designated the state seismologist. The state seismologist shall provide timely information concerning earthquake and volcano hazards to public officials, industry, and private citizens and serve as liaison to state and federal agencies in the event of emergencies due to seismic and volcanic activities.

AS 14.40.075