Alaska Stat. § 09.68.040

Current through Chapter 3 of the 2024 Legislative Session
Section 09.68.040 - Parties exempt from giving bond
(a) In an action or proceeding in a court in which the state or a municipality is a party or in which the state or a municipality is interested, a bond or undertaking is not required of the state, a municipality, or an officer of the state or municipality.
(b) A bond for costs on appeal need not be filed by a party to an action if a court finds that party to be indigent and the appeal not frivolous; this finding may be made upon an affidavit filed by that party showing that the party is unable to pay for a bond and further stating the grounds for the appeal and the belief that the party is entitled to redress.
(c) A court in this state may not excuse a litigant requesting the entry of a stay or other interlocutory relief from posting a bond or other security to protect the persons who will be adversely affected if the excuse is based on the nature of the policy or interest advocated by the party, the number of persons affected by the outcome of the case, whether a governmental entity could be expected to bring or participate in the case, the extent of the party's economic incentive to bring the case, or any combination of these factors.

AS 09.68.040