Alaska Stat. § 09.19.010

Current through Chapter 3 of the 2024 Legislative Session
Section 09.19.010 - Limitation on exemption from filing fees
(a) A prisoner may not commence litigation against the state unless the prisoner has paid full filing fees to the court or is a claimant under AS 23.20, except that the court may exempt a prisoner from paying part of those fees if the court finds exceptional circumstances as described in this section.
(b) To apply for a filing fee exemption, a prisoner shall submit to the court
(1) an affidavit that clearly discloses that the person is a prisoner and that sets out
(A) the prisoner's complete financial situation, including the prisoner's income, money in financial accounts, assets, and court-ordered payments;
(B) the circumstances that prevent the prisoner from paying full filing fees; and
(C) the nature of the action or appeal and specific facts that would, if proven, state a claim on which relief can be granted or entitle the prisoner to reversal on appeal;
(2) a certified copy of the prisoner's account statement from the correctional facility in which the prisoner is being or has been held for the six-month period preceding the submission of the application; and
(3) other documentation or financial information as the court may require.
(c) Based on the submission under (b) of this section, the court may grant an exemption from part of the applicable filing fees if the court finds that exceptional circumstances prevent the prisoner from paying full filing fees. Imprisonment and indigency do not constitute exceptional circumstances if the prisoner has available income or resources that can be applied to the filing fee.
(d) If the court orders an exemption under (c) of this section, the court shall determine the amount of the exemption and set a filing fee to be paid by the prisoner. In setting the fee, the court, at a minimum, shall require the prisoner to pay filing fees equal to 20 percent of the larger of the average monthly deposits made to the prisoner's account described in (b)(2) of this section, or the average balance in that account, not to exceed the amount of the full filing fee required under applicable court rules.
(e) The court shall mail or otherwise serve its order under (d) of this section on the prisoner. Along with its order, the court shall give written notice that the case or appeal will not be accepted for filing if payment of a filing fee is not made within 30 days after the date of distribution of the order, unless the time for payment is extended by the court. If timely payment is not made, the court may not accept any filing in the case or appeal. If payment is made, the prisoner's filing and supporting documents shall be accepted for filing with the court.

AS 09.19.010