Alaska Stat. § 09.05.020

Current through Chapter 3 of the 2024 Legislative Session
Section 09.05.020 - Service of process on nonresident owner or operator of motor vehicle
(a) The operation of a motor vehicle by a nonresident, or owned by a nonresident and operated by the express or implied consent of the owner, in the state is considered equivalent to an appointment of the commissioner of administration by the nonresident as the nonresident's attorney. The summons may be served on the commissioner in an action against the nonresident growing out of an accident or collision in which the vehicle is involved while being so operated. This operation is considered a signification of the nonresident's agreement that a summons against the nonresident which is so served has the same legal force as if served on the nonresident personally in the state.
(b) Service of the summons is made by leaving a copy of it with the commissioner of administration or the designee of the commissioner. The commissioner or a designee shall keep a record of each such process and the day and hour of service. This service is sufficient service on the nonresident.
(c) The plaintiff or the plaintiff's attorney shall send a notice of the service and a copy of the summons to the defendant by registered mail within 10 days after the date of service.
(d) The plaintiff or the plaintiff's attorney shall make an affidavit showing that service of the notice and summons on the defendant has been made by registered mail as provided in (c) of this section. The affiant shall attach to the affidavit a copy of the summons and notice so served and the registry receipt of the defendant. The affiant shall file the affidavit and attached papers with the court having jurisdiction of the cause.
(e) The court in which the action is pending may order an extension of time necessary to give the defendant reasonable opportunity to defend the action.

AS 09.05.020