Va. R. Sup. Ct. 4:0

As amended through June 13, 2022
Rule 4:0 - Application of Part Four
(a) The Rules in this Part Four apply in civil cases in the circuit courts. They also apply to proceedings for separate maintenance, divorce or annulment of marriage, for the exercise of the right of eminent domain, and for writs of habeas corpus or in the nature of coram nobis as provided in Rule 4:1(b)(5). Whenever in this Part Four the word "action" appears it means a civil case, whether the claims arise at law or in equity.
(b) No provision of any of the Rules in this Part Four affects the practice of taking evidence at trial in any action; but such practice, including that of generally taking evidence ore tenus in actions upon claims arising at law and of generally taking evidence by deposition in equitable claims, continues unaffected hereby.

Va. Sup. Ct. 4:0

Amended by order dated June 14, 2005, effective 1/1/2006; amended by order dated September 3, 2020, effective 9/3/2020; amended by order dated November 23, 2020, effective 3/1/2021.