Vt. Dissem. E. Ct. Rec. R. 6

As amended through May 6, 2024
Rule 6 - Electronic Data Dissemination Contract

A public purpose agency may seek access to judicial branch electronic case record information not accessible to the public pursuant to these rules. The public purpose agency must identify the information requested and the proposed use of the information. In reviewing the request, the Court Administrator shall consider:

(a) the extent to which access will result in efficiencies in the operation of a court or courts; (b) the extent to which access will enable the fulfillment of a legislative mandate; (c) the extent to which access will result in efficiencies in other parts of the justice system or in the delivery of human or educational services; (d) the extent of the need for the information; (e) the risk that the information will be misused for purposes other than those intended; and (f) the methods that will be used to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data. If the Court Administrator decides to grant such access, it shall be authorized only pursuant to an electronic data dissemination contract between the Court Administrator and the agency. At a minimum, the contract shall specify the data to which access is granted; specify the uses which the agency may make of the data; and include the agency's agreement that its employees will access the data only for the uses specified and maintain its confidentiality as to third parties. Violation of the terms of a contract, including using data in an unauthorized manner, shall be grounds for termination of the agreement.

This section does not authorize exceptions from the Rules for Public Access to Court Records. However, the Court Administrator may provide a public purpose agency access to records not publicly accessible under those rules upon a finding that the agency has a specific right of access under §2(b) of those rules.

Vt. Dissem. E. Ct. Rec. R. 6

Adopted Mar. 6, 2002, eff. 6/1/2002.