Ohio App. R. 11.1

As amended through March 13, 2024
Rule 11.1 - Accelerated Calendar
(A) Applicability. If a court of appeals has adopted an accelerated calendar by local rule, cases designated by its rule shall be placed on an accelerated calendar. The Ohio Rules of Appellate Procedure shall apply with the modifications or exceptions set forth in this rule.
The accelerated calendar is designed to provide a means to eliminate delay and unnecessary expense in effecting a just decision on appeal by the recognition that some cases do not require as extensive or time consuming procedure as others.
In all capital cases, as defined in Crim.R. 42, the appeal of an order regarding appointment of experts shall, upon request by defense counsel, be under seal and conducted ex parte and shall be handled pursuant to an accelerated calendar under this rule and local rules adopting an accelerated calendar.
(B) Record. The record on appeal, including the transcripts and the exhibits necessary for the determination of the appeal, shall be transmitted to the clerk of the court of appeals as provided by App. R. 10.
(C) Briefs. Briefs shall be in the form specified by App. R. 16. Appellant shall serve and file appellant's brief within fifteen days after the date on which the clerk has mailed the notice required by App. R. 11(B). The appellee shall serve and file appellee's brief within fifteen days after service of the brief of the appellant. Reply briefs shall not be filed unless ordered by the court.
(D) Oral argument. Oral argument will apply as provided by App. R. 21. If oral argument is waived, the case will be submitted to the court for disposition upon filing of appellee's brief.
(E) Determination and judgment on appeal. The appeal will be determined as provided by App. R. 11.1. It shall be sufficient compliance with App. R. 12(A) for the statement of the reason for the court's decision as to each error to be in brief and conclusionary form.
The decision may be by judgment entry in which case it will not be published in any form. (See Form 3, Appendix of Forms.)

Ohio. App. R. 11.1


Staff Notes (July 1, 2013 Amendments)

App. R. 11.1(C) is amended to make the due date for the appellant's opening brief in accelerated calendar cases run from the date when the clerk has mailed the notice that the record is complete, as required by App. R. 11(B). This change brings the language of App. R. 11.1(C) into alignment with the corresponding language of App. R. 18(A), which governs the timing of the appellant's opening brief in regular calendar cases.