Ohio Gov. Bar. R. 7

As amended through July 1, 2024
Section 7 - Ohio Law Component
(A) Before being admitted to the practice of law in Ohio by examination or by transferred UBE score, an applicant shall take and pass the Ohio Law Component prepared and maintained by the Board of Bar Examiners. If applying to transfer a UBE score, an applicant may take the Ohio Law Component any time after the acceptance of the application by the Office of Bar Admissions. If applying by examination, an applicant may take the Ohio Law Component at any time after the applicant completes the final day of the Ohio bar examination.
(B) Subject to the Court's approval, the Board shall determine and publish the score necessary to pass the Ohio Law Component.
(C) An applicant shall pay any fee associated with the Ohio Law Component.

Ohio. Gov. Bar. R. 7

Amended April 4, 2020, effective 6/1/2020.