Nev. R. Prof. Cond. 7.3

As amended through July 7, 2023
Rule 7.3 - Communications With Prospective Clients
(a)Direct contact with prospective clients. Except as permitted pursuant to paragraph (d) of this Rule, a lawyer shall not solicit professional employment from a prospective client with whom the lawyer has no family or prior professional relationship, by mail, in person or otherwise, when a significant motive for the lawyer's doing so is the lawyer's pecuniary gain. The term "solicit" includes contact in person, by telephone, telegraph or facsimile, by letter or other writing, or by other communication directed to a specific recipient.
(b)Direct or indirect written advertising. Any direct or indirect written mail communication or advertising circular distributed to persons not known to need legal services of the kind provided by the lawyer in a particular matter, but who are so situated that they might in general find such services useful, shall contain the disclaimers required by Rule 7.2. The disclaimers shall be in a type size and legibility sufficient to cause the disclaimers to be conspicuous.
(c)Additional disclaimer on mailers or written advertisements or communications. Direct or indirect mail envelope, and written mail communications or advertising circulars shall contain, upon the outside of the envelope and upon the communication side of each page of the communication or advertisement, in red ink, the following warning:


(d)Target mail to prospective clients. In the event of an incident involving claims for personal injury or wrongful death, written communication directed to an individual injured in the incident or to a family member or legal representative of such an individual, seeking to represent the injured individual or legal representative thereof in potential litigation or in a proceeding arising out of the incident is prohibited in Nevada within 30 days of the date of the incident. After 30 days following the incident, any such communication must comply with paragraphs (b) and (c) of this Rule and must comply with all other Rules of Professional Conduct.

This provision limiting contact with an injured individual or the legal representative thereof applies as well to lawyers or law firms or any associate, agent, employee, or other representative of a lawyer or law firm who represent actual or potential defendants or entities that may defend and/or indemnify said defendants.

Nev. R. Prof. Cond. 7.3

Added; effective 5/1/2006; as amended; effective 12/13/2012.