Md. Fam. Law. Actions. 9-204.2

As amended through April 23, 2021
Rule 9-204.2 - Joint Statement of the Parties Concerning Decision-making Authority and Parenting Time
(a)When Required. If the parties are not able to reach a comprehensive parenting plan, the parties shall file a Joint Statement of the Parties Concerning Decision-Making Authority and Parenting Time.

Cross reference: For the authority of a mediator to assist the parties with the completion of a Joint Statement, see Rule 9-205.

(b)Form of Joint Statement. The statement shall be substantially in the form approved by the State Court Administrator, posted on the Judiciary website, and available in the offices of the clerks of the circuit courts.
(c)Time for Filing; Procedure. The Joint Statement shall be filed at least ten days before any scheduled settlement conference or if none, 20 days before the scheduled trial date or by any other date fixed by the court. At least 30 days before the Joint Statement is due to be filed, each party shall prepare and serve on the other party a proposed Joint Statement in the form set forth in section (b) of this Rule. At least 15 days before the Joint Statement is due, the plaintiff shall sign and serve on the defendant for approval and signature a proposed Joint Statement that fairly reflects the positions of the parties. The defendant shall timely file the Joint Statement, which shall be signed by the defendant or shall be accompanied by a written statement of the specific reasons why the defendant did not sign.
(d)Review of Joint Statement. Prior to rendering its decision, the court shall consider the entire Joint Statement. As to the provisions upon which the parties agree as well as those upon which the court must decide, the court may consider the factors listed in Rule 9-204.1 (c).
(e)Sanctions. If a party willfully fails to comply with this Rule, the court, on motion or on its own initiative, after the opportunity for a hearing, may enter any appropriate order in regard to the noncompliance.

Committee note: Failure to comply with this Rule cannot be the basis upon which to deny a party's request for decision-making authority or parenting time.

Md. Fam. Law. Actions. 9-204.2

This Rule is new.

Adopted Nov. 19, 2019, eff. Jan. 1, 2020.