Md. R. Evid. 5-105

As amended through November 9, 2021
Rule 5-105 - Limited Admissibility

When evidence is admitted that is admissible as to one party or for one purpose but not admissible as to another party or for another purpose, the court, upon request, shall restrict the evidence to its proper scope and instruct the jury accordingly.

Md. R. Evid. 5-105

This Rule is derived without substantive change from F.R.Ev. 105. Any language differences are solely for purposes of style and clarification.

Adopted Dec. 15, 1993, eff. July 1, 1994.

Committee note: This Rule is silent on the timing of limiting instructions. Ordinarily, if requested, such instructions should be given when the evidence is received and repeated as part of the court's final instructions to the jury.