Md. R. ADR 17-201

As amended through December 15, 2022
Rule 17-201 - Authority to Order ADR
(a) Generally. A circuit court may order a party and the party's attorney to participate in ADR but only in accordance with the Rules in this Chapter and in Chapter 100 of this Title.
(b) Referral Prohibited. The court may not enter an order of referral to ADR in a protective order action under Code, Family Law Article, Title 4, Subtitle 5, Domestic Violence.
(c) Mediation of Child Custody or Visitation Disputes. Rule 9-205 governs the authority of a circuit court to order mediation of a dispute as to child custody or visitation, and the Rules in Title 17 do not apply to proceedings under that Rule except as otherwise provided in that Rule.

Md. R. ADR 17-201

This Rule is derived as follows:

Section (a) is derived from former Rule 17-103(a) (2012).

Section (b) is new.

Section (c) is derived from former Rule 17-103(c)(1) (2012).

Adopted Nov. 1, 2012, eff. 1/1/2013.