Ky. R. Sup. Ct. 7

As amended through March 4, 2024
Section 7 - Impermissible use of media material

None of the film, video tape, still photographs or audio reproductions developed during or by virtue of coverage of a judicial proceeding shall be admissible as evidence in the proceeding out of which it arose, any proceeding subsequent or collateral thereto, or upon any retrial or appeal of such proceedings.

(Schedule A)

1. Ikegami HL-74A, HL-53, HL-77, HL-33, HL-34, HL-35, HL-51, HL-79, HL-78A, HL-79A, HL-79D, ITC-350, ITC-240
2. RCA TK76, TK78
3. Sony DXC-1600 TRINICON, BVP-200, BVP-3000, DXC-1640
3a. ASACA ACC-2006
4. Hitachi SK80, SK90
5. Hitachi FP-3030, FP-3060A, FP-205, FP-405, GP7
6. Philips LDK-25
7. Sony BVP-200 ENG Camera
8. Fernseh Video Camera
9. JVC-8800u ENG Camera
10. AKAI CVC-150, VTS-150
11. Panasonic WV-3085, NV-3085, AK-750, WV-3800
12. JVC GC-4800u, KY-2000

Ky. R. Sup. Ct. 7

Adopted by Order 81-4, eff. 7/1/1981KY ST S CT Rule Abortion Rules TEXT