Ky. R. Sup. Ct. 9.000

As amended through March 4, 2024
Rule SCR 9.000 - Monitoring of District Court probationers by private agency

KRS 533.010(12) permits a court to order a defendant to submit to probation monitoring by a private agency when the court deems it in the best interest of the defendant and the public to do so. The following rules shall apply when a district court orders a private agency to supervise a defendant who has been convicted of a misdemeanor or traffic offense and placed on probation as an alternative sentence to imprisonment.

Ky. R. Sup. Ct. SCR 9.000

Adopted by Order 99-1, eff. 2/1/2000; amended by Order 2016-9, 12/7/16, eff. 1/1/2017.