Ky. R. Sup. Ct. 8.100

As amended through March 4, 2024
Rule SCR 8.100 - Reporting

Every justice, appellate judge and trial judge, not exempted, shall certify in writing on forms provided by the Administrative Office of the Courts, no later than July 31 following the close of the educational biennium, that the minimum continuing judicial education requirements have been met. Justices and judges shall submit certification to the Executive Secretary in the manner and form prescribed by regulations of the Commission.

The truth and accuracy of the certification shall be the individual responsibility of the certifying judge. Intentional filing of a false report shall be a basis for disciplinary action and the Commission Chair shall forthwith, in writing, report the judge's name to the Chief Justice.

Each June 1 of even-numbered years, the Executive Secretary will notify each appellate judge, justice and trial judge of the filing deadline.

Ky. R. Sup. Ct. SCR 8.100

Amended by order 2021-35, eff. 10/1/2021; adopted by Order 83-4, eff. 7/8/1983