Iowa R. App. P. 6.601

As amended through September 19, 2022
Rule 6.601 - Supersedeas bond
(1)Requirement of bond. Except upon order entered by the supreme court, pursuant to a procedural, appellate, or court rule, or upon order entered by the district court pursuant to rule 6.601(3), no appeal shall stay proceedings under a judgment or order unless the appellant executes a bond with sureties, to be filed with and approved by the clerk of the court where the judgment or order was entered. The condition of such bond shall be that the appellant will satisfy and perform the judgment if affirmed, or any judgment or order, not exceeding in amount or value the obligation of the judgment or order appealed from, which an appellate court may render or order to be rendered by the district court; and also all costs and damages adjudged against the appellant on the appeal, and all rents from or damage to property during the pendency of the appeal of which the appellee is deprived by reason of the appeal.
(2)Amount of bond. If the judgment or order appealed from is for money, such bond shall be 110 percent of the amount of the money judgment, unless the district court otherwise sets the bond at a higher amount pursuant to the provisions of Iowa Code section 625A.9(2)(a). In no event shall the bond exceed the maximum amount set forth in Iowa Code section 625A.9(2)(b). In all other cases, the bond shall be an amount sufficient to save the appellee harmless from the consequences of the appeal, but in no event less than $1000.
(3)Bond by State or political subdivision. Upon motion and for good cause shown, the district court may stay all proceedings under the order or judgment being appealed and permit the State or any of its political subdivisions to appeal a judgment or order to the supreme court without the filing of a supersedeas bond.
(4)Effect on judgment. No appeal shall vacate or affect the judgment or order appealed from; but the clerk shall issue a written order requiring the appellee and all others to stay proceedings under it or such part of it as has been appealed from, when the appeal bond is filed and approved.
(5)Form of bond. An appeal bond secured by cash, a certificate of deposit, or government security in a form and in an amount approved by the clerk may be filed in lieu of other bond. If a cash bond is filed, the cash shall be deposited at interest with interest earnings being paid into the general fund of the State in accordance with Iowa Code section 602.8103(5). The cash bond shall be disbursed pursuant to court order upon the district court's receipt of the procedendo.
(6)Child custody. A supersedeas bond filed pursuant to this rule shall not stay an order, judgment, decree, or portion thereof affecting the custody of a child. Requests for stays involving child custody are governed by rule 6.604.

Iowa. R. App. P. 6.601

Court Order October 31, 2008, effective1/1/2009.