Ill. Sup. Ct. R. 922

As amended through May 30, 2024
Rule 922 - Time Limitations

All allocation of parental responsibilities proceedings under this rule in the trial court shall be resolved within 18 months from the date of service of the petition or complaint to final order. In the event this time limit is not met, the trial court shall make written findings as to the reason(s) for the delay. The 18-month time limit shall not apply if the parties, including the attorney representing the child, the guardian ad litem or the child representative, agree in writing and the trial court makes a written finding that the extension of time is for good cause shown. In the event the parties do not agree, the court may consider whether an extension of time should be allowed for good cause shown.

Ill. Sup. Ct. R. 922

Adopted February 10, 2006, effective 7/1/2006; amended 3/8/2016, effective immediately.

Committee Comments

(Revised March 8, 2016)

Special Supreme Court Committee on Child Custody Issues

Rule 922 provides that allocation of parental responsibilities matters in dissolution of marriage and paternity cases must be resolved within 18 months. Written findings are required if the deadline is not met, and extensions of the time limit may only be granted for good cause shown, on written finding by the trial court.