Ga. R. Super. Ct. 24.2

As amended through August 24, 2023
Rule 24.2 - Financial Data Required; Scheduling and Notice of Temporary Hearing

Except as noted below, at least 5 days before any temporary or final hearing in any action for temporary or permanent child support, alimony, equitable division of property, modification of child support or alimony or attorney's fees, all parties shall serve upon the opposing party the affidavit specifying his or her financial circumstances in the form set forth herein. In cases involving child support, the worksheet(s) and schedules required by OCGA § 19-6-15 and only as promulgated by the Georgia Child Support Commission shall be completed and served upon the opposing party contemporaneously with the filing of the affidavit required above. In emergency actions, the affidavit, worksheet(s) and schedules may be served on or before the date of the hearing or at any other time as the Court orders.

In cases filed with complete separation agreements or consent orders resolving all issues but the issue of divorce, the parties are not required to serve financial affidavits, unless otherwise ordered by the Court. In cases involving child support, the parties must attach to the proposed final judgment a completed worksheet or worksheets and any applicable schedules. In addition, the separation agreement must include the parties' gross and adjusted incomes.

The Office of Child Support Services is exempt from filing financial affidavits.

Notice of the date of any temporary hearing shall be served upon the adverse party at least 15 days before the date of the hearing, unless otherwise ordered by the Court.

The parties shall serve upon each other the affidavit and worksheet(s) and schedules (where applicable) at least 5 days prior to any mediation or other alternative dispute resolution proceeding.

In any case in which a party has previously served the affidavit, worksheet(s) and schedules and thereafter amends the affidavit or worksheet(s) and schedules, any such amendments shall be served upon the opposing party at least 5 days prior to final hearing or trial.

On the request of either party, and upon good cause shown to the Court, the affidavits, worksheets, schedules, and any other financial information may be sealed, upon order of the Court.

Only the last four digits of social security numbers, tax identification numbers, or financial account numbers shall be included in any document served or filed with the Court pursuant to this rule. No birth date should be included, only the year of birth. See also OCGA § 9-11-7.1.

A Certificate of Service shall be filed with the Clerk of Court certifying proper service of the affidavit required above and worksheet(s) and schedules (where applicable). Each party shall submit to the Court the original affidavit and worksheet(s) and schedules (where applicable) at the time of hearing or trial.

Failure of any party to furnish the above financial information may subject the offending party, in the discretion of the Court, to the penalties of contempt and may result in continuance of the hearing until the required financial information is furnished and may result in other sanctions or remedies deemed appropriate in the Court's discretion.

Notwithstanding the time limits contained in this rule, the Court may decide a matter without strict adherence to a time limitation, if the financial information was known or reasonably available to the other party, or if a continuance would result in a manifest injustice to a party.

The affidavit shall be under oath and in substantially the following form:

In the Superior Court of

______________ County, Georgia


______________________, Plaintiff )



Civil Action No. ___________


______________________, Defendant )



1. AFFIANT'S NAME:______________________________ Age _________

Spouse's Name: _______________________________ Age _________

Date of Marriage: _____________________ Date of Separation __________________

Names and birth dates of children for whom support is to be determined in this action:

NameDate of BirthResides with




Names and birth dates of affiant's other children:

NameDate of BirthResides with




(a) Gross monthly income (from item 3A) $ ______________
(b) Net monthly income (from item 3B) ______________
(c) Average monthly expenses (item 5A)$ ______________
Monthly payments to creditors+ ______________
Total monthly expenses and
payments to creditors (item 5C) _______________
3. A. AFFIANT'S GROSS MONTHLY INCOME (complete this section or attach Child Support Schedule A)
(All income must be entered based on monthly average regardless of date of receipt.)
Salary or Wages $ ______________
Commissions, Fees, Tips $ ______________
Income from self-employment, partnership, close corporations, and independent contracts $ ______________
(gross receipts minus ordinary and necessary expenses required to produce income)
Rental Income (gross receipts minus ordinary and necessary $ ______________
expenses required to produce income)
Bonuses$ ______________
Overtime Payments$ ______________
Severance Pay$ ______________
Recurring Income from Pensions or Retirement Plans$ ______________
Interest and Dividends $ ______________
Trust Income$ ______________
Income from Annuities$ ______________
Capital Gains $ ______________
Social Security Disability or Retirement Benefits $ ______________
Workers' Compensation Benefits $ ______________
Unemployment Benefits $ ______________
Judgments from Personal Injury or Other Civil Cases $ ______________
Gifts (cash or other gifts that can be converted to cash) $ ______________
Prizes/Lottery Winnings $ ______________
Alimony and maintenance from persons not in this case $ ______________
Assets which are used for support of family $ ______________
Fringe Benefits (if significantly reduce living expenses) $ ______________
Any other income (do NOT include means-tested Public $ ______________
assistance, such as TANF or food stamps)
GROSS MONTHLY INCOME $ ______________
B. Affiant's Net Monthly Income from employment $ ______________
deducting only state and federal taxes and FICA)
Affiant's pay period (i.e., weekly, monthly, etc.)_______________
Number of exemptions claimed_______________


(If you claim or agree that all or part of an asset is non-marital, indicate the non-marital portion under the appropriate spouse's column and state the amount and the basis: pre-marital, gift, inheritance, source of funds, etc.).

Separate Asset

Description ValueSeparate Asset Separate Asset Basis of
of the Husbandof the Wife the Claim
Stocks, bonds $________________________________
CD's/Money Market Accounts$________________________________
Bank Accounts (list each account):
Retirement Pensions, 401K, IRA, or Profit Sharing$________________________________
Money owed you: $________________________________
Tax Refund owed you:$________________________________
Real Estate:
home: $________________________________
debt owed:$________________________________
other: $________________________
debt owed:$________________________________
Vehicle 1: $________________________________
debt owed:$________________________________
Vehicle 2:
debt owed:$________________________________
Life Insurance (net cash value):$________________________________
Jewelry: $________________________________
Other Assets:$________________________________
Total Assets:$________________________________

Mortgage or rent payments$ __________
Property taxes$ __________
Homeowner/Renter Insurance $ __________
Electricity $ __________
Water$ __________
Garbage and Sewer $ __________
Telephone: $ __________
Residential line: $ __________
Cellular telephone:$ __________
Gas$ __________
Repairs and maintenance$ __________
Lawn Care $ __________
Pest Control $ __________
Cable TV$ __________
Misc. household and grocery items$ __________
Meals outside the home$ __________
Other$ __________
Gasoline and oil$ __________
Repairs$ __________
Auto tags and license$ __________
Insurance$ __________
OTHER VEHICLES (boats, trailers, RVs, etc.)
Gasoline and oil$ __________
Repairs $ __________
Tags and license $ __________
Insurance$ __________
Child care (total monthly cost)$ __________
School tuition $ __________
Tutoring$ __________
Private lessons (e.g., music, dance) $ __________
School supplies/expenses$ __________
Lunch Money$ __________
Other Educational Expenses (list)$ __________
______________$ __________
______________$ __________
Allowance$ __________
Clothing$ __________
Diapers$ __________
Medical, dental, prescription (out of pocket/uncovered expenses) $ __________
Grooming, hygiene $ __________
Gifts from children to others$ __________
Entertainment$ __________
Activities (including extra-curricular, school, religious, cultural, etc.)$ __________
Summer Camps$ __________
Dry cleaning/laundry$ __________
Entertainment$ __________
Clothing$ __________
Medical, dental, prescription (out of pocket/uncovered expenses)$ __________
Affiant's gifts (special holidays)$ __________
Entertainment$ __________
Recreational Expenses (e.g., fitness)$ __________
Vacations$ __________
Travel Expenses for Visitation$ __________
Publications$ __________
Dues, clubs$ __________
Religious and charities$ __________
Pet expenses$ __________
Alimony paid to former spouse$ __________
Child support paid for other children$ __________
Date of initial order: __________
Other (attach sheet)$ __________
Health$ __________
Child(ren)'s portion:$ __________
Dental$ __________
Child(ren)'s portion:$ __________
Vision $ __________
Child(ren)'s portion:$ __________
Life $ __________
Relationship of Beneficiary: ____________
Disability$ __________
Other (specify):$ __________

(please check one)
To Whom: Balance Due Monthly Payment Joint Plaintiff Defendant
C. TOTAL MONTHLY EXPENSES: $ ___________________

Personally appeared before me, an officer authorized to administer oaths, the undersigned affiant, who upon being sworn, swears that he/she is legally competent to make this affidavit, that the affidavit is based upon personal knowledge, and that the contents of the affidavit are true.



Sworn to and subscribed

before me, this ________ day of ________, 20__.


Notary Public

My commission expires:_____

Ga. R. Super. Ct. 24.2

Amended effective January 18, 1990; October 28, 1993; amended November 4, 1999, effective December 16, 1999; amended effective August 12, 2004; January 18, 2007; May 24, 2007; January 17, 2008; October 23, 2008; September 17, 2009; October 7, 2010; September 29, 2011; May 15, 2014; amended effective August 30, 2018.