Fla. R. Juv. P. 8.260

As amended through March 26, 2024
Rule 8.260 - ORDERS
(a)General Requirements. All orders of the court must be reduced to writing as soon as possible after they are entered, consistent with orderly procedure, and contain specific findings of fact and conclusions of law signed by the judge as provided by law.
(b)Transmittal to Parties. A copy of all orders must be transmitted to all parties either by the court or under its direction, at the time of the rendition of the order.
(c)Other Options. The court may require:
(1) orders be prepared by a party;
(2) the party serve the order; and
(3) on a case-by-case basis, that proposed orders be furnished to all parties before entry of the order by the court.
(d)Precedence of Orders. Dependency orders must be filed in any dissolution or other custody action or proceeding involving the same child or children. These orders take precedence over other orders affecting the placement of, access to, parental time with, adoption of, or parental rights and responsibilities for the same minor child or children, unless the jurisdiction of the dependency court has been terminated. These orders may be filed under seal and need not be open to inspection by the public.

FL. R. Juv. P. 8.260

Amended effective 7/1/2023; amended by 46 Fla. L. Weekly S301, effective 1/1/2022; amended by 115 So.3d 286, effective 7/1/2013; amended by 783 So.2d 138, effective 1/1/2001; amended by 589 So.2d 818, effective 7/1/1991; amended by 530 So.2d 920, 549 So.2d 663, effective 1/1/1989; Replaced by 462 So.2d 399, effective 1/1/1985; amended by 393 So.2d 1077, effective 1/1/1981.