Fla. Prob. R. 5.490

As amended through November 22, 2023
(a) Form. A creditor's statement of claim shall be verified and filed with the clerk and shall state:
(1) the basis for the claim;
(2) the amount claimed;
(3) the name and address of the creditor;
(4) the security for the claim, if any; and
(5) whether the claim is currently due or involves an uncertainty and, if not due, then the due date and, if contingent or unliquidated, the nature of the uncertainty.
(b) Service. The clerk shall serve a copy of the claim as set forth in rule 5.041, to the attorney for the personal representative, unless all personal representatives file a notice directing that claims be served on a designated personal representative or designated attorney of record. Absent designation, a copy of claim shall be served on the attorney for the personal representative named first in the letters of administration. The clerk shall note the fact and date of service on the statement of claim pursuant to this rule.
(c) Validity of Claim. Failure to deliver or receive a copy of the claim shall not affect the validity of the claim.
(d) Amending Claims. If a claim as filed is sufficient to notify interested persons of its substance but is otherwise defective as to form, the court may permit the claim to be amended at any time.
(e) Service by Personal Representative. If the personal representative files a claim individually, or in any other capacity creating a conflict of interest between the personal representative and any interested person, then at the time the claim is filed, the personal representative shall serve all interested persons with a copy of the claim and notice of the right to object to the claim. The notice shall state that an interested person may object to a claim as provided by law and rule 5.496. Service shall be either by informal notice or in the manner provided for service of formal notice. Service on one interested person by a chosen method shall not preclude service on another interested person by another method.

FL. Prob. R. 5.490

Amended by 2021 WL 5050374, effective 10/28/2021; amended by 287 So.3d 492, effective 1/1/2020; amended by 959 So.2d 1170, effective 1/1/2008; amended by 531 So.2d 1261, effective 1/1/1989; amended by 458 So.2d 1079, effective 1/1/1985; amended by 344 So.2d 828, effective 7/1/1977; amended by 324 So.2d 38, effective 1/1/1976; adopetd by 201 So. 2d 409, effective 1/1/1968.

Committee Notes

Subdivision (d) of this rule represents a rule implementation of the procedure found in section 733.704, Florida Statutes. It is not intended to change the effect of the statute from which it was derived but has been reformatted to conform with the structure of these rules. It is not intended to create a new procedure or modify an existing procedure.

Rule History

1975 Revision: Sets forth the claims procedure to be followed and clarifies the matter of delivery of copies where there are multiple personal representatives or where the attorney of record desires to accept such delivery.

1984 Revision: Extensive editorial changes and requires furnishing of copy of claim to the attorney for the personal representative. Committee notes revised.

1988 Revision: Clarifies the matter of delivery of copies and directs the clerk to mail the same to the attorney for the personal representative unless designations are filed by all personal representatives to the contrary. Subdivision (e) added to implement the procedure found in section 733.704, Florida Statutes. Editorial changes. Committee notes expanded. Citation form change in committee notes.

1992 Revision: Committee notes revised. Citation form changes in committee notes.

1999 Revision: Reference to repealed rule deleted from committee notes.

2003 Revision: Committee notes revised.

2007 Revision: Editorial change in (a). New (f) added, providing procedure for notice when personal representative files a claim individually or otherwise has a conflict of interest with any interested person regarding a claim.

2019 Revisions. Deletes subdivision (b) to conform to the electronic filing rule. Subdivision (c) is renumbered to (b) and is amended to address the electronic service rules. Subdivisions (c)-(e) are renumbered accordingly. Committee notes revised.

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