Fla. Prob. R. 5.240

As amended through March 26, 2024
(a) Service. The personal representative shall promptly serve a copy of the notice of administration on the following persons who are known to the personal representative and who were not previously served under section 733.212 3, Florida Statutes:
(1) the decedent's surviving spouse;
(2) all beneficiaries;
(3) a trustee of any trust described in section 733.707(3), Florida Statutes, and each qualified beneficiary of the trust as defined in section 736.0103(16), Florida Statutes, if each trustee is also a personal representative of the estate; and
(4) persons who may be entitled to exempt property in the manner provided for service of formal notice. The personal representative may similarly serve a copy of the notice on any devisee under another will or heirs or others who claim or may claim an interest in the estate.
(b) Contents. The notice shall state:
(1) the name of the decedent, the file number of the estate, the designation and address of the court in which the proceedings are pending, whether the estate is testate or intestate, and, if testate, the date of the will and any codicils;
(2) the name and address of the personal representative and the name and address of the personal representative's attorney, and that the fiduciary lawyer-client privilege in section 90.5021, Florida Statutes, applies with respect to the personal representative and any attorney employed by the personal representative;
(3) that any interested person on whom a copy of the notice of administration is served must file, on or before the date that is 3 months after the date of service of a copy of the notice of administration on that person any objection that challenges the validity of the will, the venue, or the jurisdiction of the court. The 3-month time period may only be extended for estoppel based upon a misstatement by the personal representative regarding the time period within which an objection must be filed. The time period may not be extended for any other reason, including affirmative representation, failure to disclose information, or misconduct by the personal representative or any other person. Unless sooner barred by section 733.212(3), Florida Statutes, all objections to the validity of a will, venue, or the jurisdiction of the court must be filed no later than the earlier of the entry of an order of final discharge of the personal representative, or 1 year after service of the notice of administration;
(4) the persons who may be entitled to exempt property under section 732.402, Florida Statutes, will be deemed to have waived their rights to claim that property as exempt property unless a petition for determination of exempt property is filed by such persons or on their behalf on or before the later of the date that is 4 months after the date of service of a copy of the notice of administration on such persons or the date that is 40 days after the date of termination of any proceedings involving the construction, admission to probate, or validity of the will or involving any other matter affecting any part of the exempt property;
(5) that an election to take an elective share must be filed on or before the earlier of the date that is 6 months after the date of service of a copy of the notice of administration on the surviving spouse, an agent under chapter 709, Florida Statutes, or a guardian of the property of the surviving spouse; or the date that is 2 years after the date of the decedent's death; and
(6) that, under certain circumstances and by failing to contest the will, the recipient of the notice of administration may be waiving his or her right to contest the validity of a trust or other writing incorporated by reference into a will.
(c) Copy of Will. Unless the court directs otherwise, the personal representative of a testate estate must, upon written request, furnish a copy of the will and all codicils admitted to probate to any person on whom the notice of administration was served.
(d) Objections. Objections to the validity of the will shall follow the form and procedure set forth in these rules pertaining to revocation of probate. Objections to the venue or jurisdiction of the court shall follow the form and procedure set forth in the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure.
(e) Waiver of Service. For the purpose of determining deadlines established by reference to the date of service of a copy of the notice of administration in cases in which service has been waived, service on a person who has waived notice is deemed to occur on the date the waiver is filed.

FL. Prob. R. 5.240

Amended by 309 So.3d 196, effective 12/31/2020; amended by 287 So.3d 492, effective 1/1/2020; amended by 181 So.3d 480, effective 12/17/2015; amended by 131 So.3d 717, effective 11/27/2013; amended by 73 So.3d 205, effective 9/28/2011; amended by 964 So.2d 140, effective 7/12/2007; amended by 912 So.2d 1178, effective 1/1/2006; amended by 848 So.2d 1069, effective 6/19/2003; amended by 824 So.2d 849, effective 5/2/2002; amended by 683 So.2d 78, effective 1/1/1997; amended by 607 So.2d 1306, effective 1/1/1993; amended by 584 So.2d 964, effective 10/1/1991; amended by 531 So.2d 1261, effective 1/1/1989; amended by 458 So.2d 1079, effective 1/1/1985; amended by 344 So.2d 828, effective 7/1/1977; amended by 324 So.2d 38, effective 1/1/1976; adopetd by 201 So. 2d 409, effective 1/1/1968.

Committee Notes

Rule History

1977 Revision: Former subdivision (c) is deleted as being substantive rather than procedural.

1984 Revision: Editorial changes; new requirement to file proof of publication; new requirements as to form of objections to will and qualifications of personal representative. Committee notes revised.

1988 Revision: The obligation to mail notice of administration to all known or reasonably ascertainable creditors has been added to comply with the dictates of Tulsa Professional Collection Services, Inc. v. Pope, 485 U.S. 478, 108 S. Ct. 1340, 99 L. Ed. 2d 565 (1988).

This rule does not require sending notice of administration to creditors in estates where the time for filing claims has expired before the effective date of this rule. However, no opinion is offered whether such claims are barred by the provisions of section 733.702, Florida Statutes.

Committee notes revised. Citation form changes in committee notes.

1991 Revision: Subdivision (a) modified to make it consistent with recent changes to sections 733.212 and 733.702, Florida Statutes. Those statutes were amended to comply with the dictates of Tulsa Professional Collection Services, Inc. v. Pope, 485 U.S. 478, 108 S. Ct. 1340, 99 L. Ed. 2d 565 (1988). For the same reason, subdivision (e) was eliminated.

1992 Revision: Former subdivision (e) revised and reinstated to emphasize need for personal representative to determine all known or reasonably ascertainable creditors. Editorial changes; committee notes revised; citation form changes in committee notes.

1996 Revision: Subdivision (a) amended to require service of notice of administration on trustees of certain revocable trusts as defined by Florida statute. Editorial changes.

2002 Revision: Procedures for notifying creditors are now governed by new rule 5.241. Committee notes revised.

2003 Revision: Change in title of (a) to reflect elimination of publication of notice. Committee notes revised.

2005 Revision: Subdivision (a)(3) amended to make it consistent with 2003 change to section 733.212(1)(c), Florida Statutes, regarding when service on trust beneficiaries is required, and clarifying editorial change made in (a). New subdivision (b)(5) added regarding notice to file election to take elective share. Committee notes revised.

2007 Revision: Subdivision (a)(3) amended to replace reference to "beneficiary" with "qualified beneficiary" and to change reference from former section 737.303(4)(b) to new section 736.0103(14), which defines that term. Subdivision (b)(5) amended to delete the reference to the surviving spouse filing the election as another person can file the election on behalf of the surviving spouse. New subdivision (e) added to provide a deadline for objection by a person who waives service. Committee notes revised.

2011 Revision: Subdivision (b)(2) amended to conform to amendment to section 732.212, Florida Statutes, relating to attorney-client privilege for fiduciary and their attorneys. Editorial changes to conform to the court's guidelines for rules submissions as set forth in Administrative Order AOSC06-14. Statutory references to section 732.402, Florida Statutes, added. Committee Notes revised.

2013 Revision: Updated statutory reference in subdivision (a)(3). Committee notes revised.

2015 Revision: Subdivisions (b)(3) and (d) amended to conform to amendments to section 733.212, Florida Statutes, relating to the removal of the requirement to object to the qualifications of a personal representative within this statutory framework due to other statutory amendments. The 2011 Revision contains a scrivener's error and it should reference section 733.212, Florida Statutes, as opposed to section 732.212, Florida Statutes.

2019 Revision: For clarity purposes, subdivisions (b)(2), (b)(3), (b)(4), and (b)(5) amended for consistency with section 733.212, Florida Statutes, relating to the contents of a notice of administration. Subdivision (b)(5) amended to replace the term "attorney-in-fact" with "agent" to reflect 2011 enactment of section 709.2102(1), Florida Statutes.

2020 Revisions: Subdivision (b)(6) was created to conform to an amendment to section 733.212, Florida Statutes, that requires the Notice of Administration include a notice of a potential waiver of rights by failing to contest the will.

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