Fla. Prob. R. 5.030

As amended through August 21, 2023
Rule 5.030 - ATTORNEYS
(a) Required; Exception. Every guardian and every personal representative, unless the personal representative remains the sole interested person, shall be represented by an attorney admitted to practice in Florida. A guardian or personal representative who is an attorney admitted to practice in Florida may represent himself or herself as guardian or personal representative. A guardian advocate is not required to be represented by an attorney unless otherwise required by law or the court.
(b) Limited Appearance without Court Order. An attorney of record for an interested person in a proceeding governed by these rules shall be the attorney of record in all other proceedings in the administration of the same estate or guardianship, except service of process in an independent action on a claim, unless at the time of appearance the attorney files a notice specifically limiting the attorney's appearance only to the particular proceeding or matter in which the attorney appears. At the conclusion of that proceeding or matter, the attorneys role terminates upon the attorney filing notice of completion of limited appearance and serving a copy on the client and other interested persons.
(c) Withdrawal or Limited Appearance with Court Order. An attorney of record may withdraw or limit the attorney's appearance with approval of the court, after filing a motion setting forth the reasons and serving a copy on the client and other interested persons.

FL. Prob. R. 5.030

Amended by 2021 WL 5050374, effective 10/28/2021; amended by 102 So.3d 505, effective 9/1/2012; amended by 50 So.3d 578, effective 1/1/2011; amended by 986 So.2d 576, effective 7/10/2008; amended by 458 So.2d 1079, effective 1/1/1985; amended by 344 So.2d 828, effective 7/1/1977; amended by 324 So.2d 38, effective 1/1/1976; adopetd by 201 So. 2d 409, effective 1/1/1968.

Committee Notes

The appearance of an attorney in an estate is a general appearance unless (i) specifically limited at the time of such appearance or (ii) the court orders otherwise. This rule does not affect the right of a party to employ additional attorneys who, if members of The Florida Bar, may appear at any time.

Rule History

1975 Revision: Subdivision (a) is same as prior rule 5.040 with added provision for withdrawal of attorney similar to Florida Rule of Appellate Procedure 2.3(d)(2). Subdivision (b) reflects ruling in case of State ex rel. Falkner v. Blanton, 297 So. 2d 825 (Fla. 1974).

1977 Revision: Editorial change requiring filing of petition for withdrawal and service of copy upon interested persons. Editorial change in citation forms in rule and committee note.

1984 Revision: Minor editorial changes and addition of subdivision (c). Committee notes expanded.

1988 Revision: Editorial changes and order of subdivisions rearranged. Committee notes expanded. Citation form changes in committee notes.

1992 Revision: Editorial changes. Committee notes revised. Citation form changes in committee notes.

2003 Revision: Committee notes revised.

2005 Revision: Committee notes revised.

2006 Revision: Committee notes revised.

2008 Revision: Subdivision (a) amended to reflect that a guardian advocate may not be required to be represented by an attorney in some instances. Committee notes revised.

2010 Revision: Subdivision (b) and (c) amended to clarify the procedure for termination of an attorney's representation of an interested person either with or without court order.

2012 Revision: Committee notes revised.

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