Del. R. Evid. 412

As amended through May 31, 2024
Rule 412 - Rape Cases; Relevance of Victim's Past Behavior [Omitted]

Del. R. Evid. 412

Amended November 28, 2017, effective 1/1/2018.


Rule 412, adopted by Congress in 1978 ( Pub. L. 95-540 ), was not recommended for adoption in Delaware because this area of law is adequately covered by 11 Del. C. §§3508 and 3509. See Rules 404(a)(2) and 608(a).

The pre-2017 "Comment to D.R.E. 412 was revised only as necessary to reflect the 2017 amendments. There is no intent to change any result in ruling on evidence admissibility.