Cal. R. 8.516

As amended through September 20, 2023
Rule 8.516 - Issues on review
(a)Issues to be briefed and argued
(1) On or after ordering review, the Supreme Court may specify the issues to be briefed and argued. Unless the court orders otherwise, the parties must limit their briefs and arguments to those issues and any issues fairly included in them.
(2) Notwithstanding an order specifying issues under (1), the court may, on reasonable notice, order oral argument on fewer or additional issues or on the entire cause.
(b)Issues to be decided
(1) The Supreme Court may decide any issues that are raised or fairly included in the petition or answer.
(2) The court may decide an issue that is neither raised nor fairly included in the petition or answer if the case presents the issue and the court has given the parties reasonable notice and opportunity to brief and argue it.
(3) The court need not decide every issue the parties raise or the court specifies.

Cal. R. Ct. 8.516

Rule 8.516 renumbered effective 1/1/2007; repealed and adopted as rule 29 effective 1/1/2003.