Cal. R. 3.767

As amended through March 15, 2024
Rule 3.767 - Orders in the conduct of class actions
(a) Court orders

In the conduct of a class action, the court may make orders that:

(1) Require that some or all of the members of the class be given notice in such manner as the court may direct of any action in the proceeding, or of their opportunity to seek to appear and indicate whether they consider the representation fair and adequate, or of the proposed extent of the judgment;
(2) Impose conditions on the representative parties or on intervenors;
(3) Require that the pleadings be amended to eliminate allegations as to representation of absent persons, and that the action proceed accordingly;
(4) Facilitate the management of class actions through consolidation, severance, coordination, bifurcation, intervention, or joinder; and
(5) Address similar procedural matters.
(b) Altered or amended orders

The orders may be altered or amended as necessary.

Cal. R. Ct. 3.767

Rule 3.767 amended and renumbered effective 1/1/2007; adopted as rule 1857 effective 1/1/2002.