Ariz. R. Evid. 105

As amended through May 21, 2021
Rule 105 - Limiting Evidence that is Not Admissible Against Other Parties or for Other Purposes

If the court admits evidence that is admissible against a party or for a purpose--but not against another party or for another purpose--the court, on timely request, must restrict the evidence to its proper scope and instruct the jury accordingly.

Ariz. R. Evi. 105

Amended Sept. 8, 2011, effective Jan. 1, 2012.


The language of Rule 105 has been amended to conform to the federal restyling of the Evidence Rules to make them more easily understood and to make style and terminology consistent throughout the rules. These changes are intended to be stylistic only. There is no intent to change any result in any ruling on evidence admissibility.



Federal Rules of Evidence, Rule 105.