Ariz. R. Civ. App. P. 22

As amended through May 21, 2021
Rule 22 - Motion for Reconsideration
(a)Purpose and Necessity. A motion for reconsideration requests an appellate court to consider whether its decision contained erroneous determinations of fact or law. A party is not required to file a motion for reconsideration in the Court of Appeals in order to file a petition for review under Rule 23.
(b)Required Showing. A motion for reconsideration must state with particularity the points of law or fact that the party believes the appellate court has erroneously determined, or any changes in the law after briefing or oral argument that may entitle the party to relief.
(c)Timing. A party desiring reconsideration of a decision must file a motion for reconsideration in the appellate court within 15 days after the appellate court enters its decision. A party may amend a motion for reconsideration only with the appellate court's permission.
(d)Response. A party may not file a response to a motion for reconsideration unless requested by the appellate court to do so, but the appellate court will not grant the motion without requesting the opposing party to file a response.
(e)Form and Length. A motion for reconsideration or a response to a motion for reconsideration must comply with the provisions of Rule 4(a)-(c). A motion for reconsideration or response to a motion for reconsideration may not exceed 3,500 words. A certificate of compliance, as provided in Form 2, must accompany a motion for reconsideration or a response. A party preparing this certificate may rely on the word count of the processing system used to prepare the motion or response.
(f)Motions Not Permitted. Unless permitted by specific appellate court order, no party may file a motion for reconsideration of an order denying a motion for reconsideration, an order denying a petition for review, or an order declining to accept jurisdiction of a petition for special action.

Ariz. R. Civi. app. proc. 22

Amended April 28, 1983, effective Sept. 1, 1983;June 24, 1993, effective Dec. 1, 1993;Feb. 24, 1994, effective June 1, 1994. Amended June 10, 1997, effective Jan. 1, 1998;Sept. 16, 2008, effective Jan. 1, 2009;Oct. 27, 2010, effectiveOct. 27, 2010;Sept. 1, 2011, effective Jan. 1, 2012;Sept. 2, 2014, effective Jan. 1, 2015.


<The Jan. 1, 2015 amendment is applicable to all appeals filed on or after Jan. 1, 2015, as well as all other appeals pending on that date, except when application would not be feasible or would work an injustice, so that the former rule will be applied.>