Ariz. R. Civ. App. P. 20

As amended through May 21, 2021
Rule 20 - Notice of Decisions and Orders

When an appellate court enters a decision or an order, the appellate clerk must promptly notify all parties by mail or electronic distribution. The notice must state the date the appellate court entered the decision or order. The appellate clerk must include with the notice a copy of, or a hyperlink to, the decision or order. The appellate clerk must note the date of mailing or electronic distribution in the notice and in the appellate court's docket.

Ariz. R. Civi. app. proc. 20

Amended Sept. 2, 2014, effective Jan. 1, 2015.


<The Jan. 1, 2015 amendment is applicable to all appeals filed on or after Jan. 1, 2015, as well as all other appeals pending on that date, except when application would not be feasible or would work an injustice, so that the former rule will be applied.>