Wis. Admin. Code Trans § Trans 305.23

Current through August 28, 2023
Section Trans 305.23 - Frames
(1) The frame on every motor vehicle shall be maintained in proper condition and in conformity with this section.
(2) Repairs, modifications or additional frame support are acceptable if they do not reduce the structural integrity or affect the alignment of the vehicle. Braze type welding may not be used on any repairs made to the frame.
(3) The frame may not be rusted or twisted to the extent that it no longer properly supports the vehicle or no longer provides the structural integrity necessary for correct alignment or safety.
(4) The vehicle may not be noticeably out of wheel alignment due to inadequate or improper repair or modification of the frame.
(5) No part of the frame may be missing due to excessive rust or uncorrected damage.

Wis. Admin. Code Department of Transportation § Trans 305.23

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