Wis. Admin. Code Trans § Trans 305.21

Current through August 28, 2023
Section Trans 305.21 - Floor pan and firewall
(1) The floor pan of every motor vehicle shall be maintained in good condition and in conformity with this section.
(2) The floor pan shall be free of rusted areas or holes which may allow entry of exhaust gases or would not adequately support vehicle occupants or cargo.
(3) No motor vehicle body may be raised above the frame more than 4 inches beyond the original manufacturer's specifications. In the absence of such specifications, and on homemade and reconstructed vehicles, no body may be mounted with the floor pan more than 4 inches above the frame.
(4) The firewall shall be maintained free of any holes. Any mechanisms, cables or wires routed through the firewall shall be properly sealed to prevent the entry of exhaust gases into the passenger compartment.

Wis. Admin. Code Department of Transportation § Trans 305.21

Cr. Register, February, 1996, No. 482, eff. 3-1-96.