Wis. Admin. Code DOC § 310.04

Current through August 30, 2021
Section DOC 310.04 - Inmate complaint review system
(1) The department shall maintain an inmate complaint review system that shall be accessible to all inmates in institutions. The department shall do all of the following:
(a) Provide access to written notification of the complaint procedures to inmates.
(b) Provide each inmate written or oral explanation of the complaint procedures.
(c) Provide an inmate the opportunity to ask and have questions answered relating to the complaint procedure.
(d) Provide complaint and appeal forms.
(e) Permit an inmate to seek assistance to file a complaint.
(f) Not subject an inmate to retaliation for participation in the ICRS.
(g) Allow an inmate to pursue a complaint of retaliation through the ICRS.
(h) Review and investigate inmate complaints.
(2) Inappropriate use of the ICRS per 310.07 (4) may be subject to discipline under ch. DOC 303.
(3) The warden shall designate an employee to function as an institution complaint examiner or to assist in the process.

Wis. Admin. Code Department of Corrections § DOC 310.04

CR 02-038: cr. Register November 2002 No. 563, eff. 12-1-02.
Adopted by, CR 16-054: cr., Register March 2018 No. 747, eff. 4/1/2018