Wis. Admin. Code ATCP § ATCP 65.910

Current through February 27, 2023
Section ATCP 65.910 - Inspection of dairy farms; general
(1) INSPECTION BY DAIRY PLANT OPERATOR. Before a dairy plant operator, including a milk contractor that submits a milk producer license application on behalf of a milk producer and thereby certifies that the milk producer's dairy farm and milking operations comply with applicable requirements under this chapter, submits a milk producer license application or a grade A permit application under s. ATCP 65.02 on behalf of a milk producer, the dairy plant operator shall inspect the dairy farm for compliance with the dairy farm standards under subch. II. The dairy plant operator, when submitting the producer's license or permit application, shall include a copy of the dairy plant operator's inspection report and shall certify that the dairy farm facilities comply with dairy farm standards under subch. II. The department may, at other times, require a dairy plant operator to inspect a dairy farm as necessary.
(2) INSPECTION BY THE DIVISION. The division shall inspect dairy farms for compliance with dairy farm standards under subch. II. The division shall inspect a grade A dairy farm at the frequency given in s. ATCP 65.912 and a grade B dairy farm at least once every year. For the purpose of conducting a lawful inspection under this chapter, the department may exercise its authority under ss. 93.08, 93.15(2), and 97.12(1), Stats.
(3) VARIANCES. The division administrator, or the division administrator's designee, may issue a written waiver granting a variance from a dairy farm standard under subch. II if the division determines that the variance is reasonable and necessary under the circumstances, it will not compromise the purpose served by the standard, and the milk producer does not hold a grade A farm permit.

Wis. Admin. Code Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection § ATCP 65.910

Adopted by, CR 14-073: cr. Register August 2016 No. 728, eff. 9/1/2016