Wis. Admin. Code ATCP § ATCP 65.84

Current through February 27, 2023
Section ATCP 65.84 - Milk component testing
(1) LICENSING OF PERSON PERFORMING TEST. No person may perform any milk component test unless that person is licensed to perform milk component tests, either as a buttermaker or cheesemaker under s. 97.17, Stats., or as a milk and cream tester under s. 98.145, Stats.
(2) QUALIFICATION OF PERSON USING AUTOMATED TESTING DEVICE. No person may use an automated testing device to perform any milk component test unless that person is trained and qualified to use automated testing devices, and that fact is stated on his or her license under s. 97.17 or 98.145, Stats.
(3) PAYMENT BASED ON MILK COMPONENT TESTS. No dairy plant operator, including a milk contractor that submits a milk producer license application on behalf of a milk producer and thereby certifies that the milk producer's dairy farm and milking operations comply with applicable requirements under this chapter, may adjust the price paid to any milk producer based on the results of any milk component test or somatic cell test unless the dairy plant operator does all of the following:
(a) Bases the price adjustment on either the arithmetic or weighted average of all test results obtained for that producer during the pay period to which the price adjustment applies. The dairy plant operator shall use the same method for computing average test results for all producers shipping milk to the dairy plant.
(b) Tests at least 3 milk shipments from that producer at regular intervals throughout the pay period to which the price adjustment applies or tests composite samples representing all milk shipments from that milk producer during that pay period.

Wis. Admin. Code Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection § ATCP 65.84

Adopted by, CR 14-073: cr. Register August 2016 No. 728, eff. 9/1/2016