Wis. Admin. Code ATCP § ATCP 65.58

Current through February 27, 2023
Section ATCP 65.58 - Pasteurization time and temperature
(1) If a dairy product is required to be pasteurized under s. ATCP 65.54, the dairy product shall be pasteurized according to this subchapter unless the division authorizes in writing a different but equally effective pasteurization system or method. Alternative times and temperatures for pasteurizing grade A milk and milk products shall be recognized by the United States food and drug administration. All of the dairy product shall be heated to the required temperature and continuously held at or above the required temperature for the required period of time. Pasteurization equipment shall be equipped with accurate measuring, recording, and control devices, as required by ss. ATCP 65.60 and 65.62, to ensure that the time and temperature requirements under this section are met.
(2) Dairy products identified in table 2, unless UHT pasteurized under sub. (3), shall be pasteurized in a batch pasteurizer tested in accordance with s. ATCP 65.68 or HTST pasteurizer tested in accordance with s. ATCP 65.68 at or above the temperature specified in the table for at least the length of time specified in the table. - See PDF for table
(3) A dairy plant operator may use an HHST pasteurizer as an alternative to an HTST pasteurizer. An HHST pasteurizer shall heat and hold a dairy product at one of the following temperatures for the corresponding length of time:
(a) 191º F. (89º C.) for 1.0 seconds.
(b) 194º F. (90º C.) for 0.5 seconds.
(c) 201º F. (94º C.) for 0.1 seconds.
(d) 204º F. (96º C.) for 0.05 seconds.
(e) 212º F. (100º C.) for 0.01 seconds.
(4) A UHT pasteurized dairy product shall be thermally processed at or above a temperature of 280º F. (138º C.) for at least 2 seconds.

Wis. Admin. Code Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection § ATCP 65.58

Adopted by, CR 14-073: cr. Register August 2016 No. 728, eff. 9-1-16; correction in (3) (a) to (e) made under s. 35.17, Stats., Register August 2016 No. 728, eff. 9/1/2016