Utah Admin. Code 722-900-3

Current through Bulletin 2023-18, September 15, 2023
Section R722-900-3 - Definitions
(1) Terms used in this rule are found in Section 53-10-102.
(2) In addition:
(a) "agency" means a criminal justice agency as defined in Subsection 53-10-102(9) and 28 U.S.C. Subsection 534(e), a vendor entity, or a non-criminal entity authorized to access CJIS under state or federal law;
(b) "bureau" means the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification within the Department of Public Safety established by Section 53-10-201;
(c) "CJIS" means the Criminal Justice Information System administered by the FBI;
(d) "entity" means an entity qualified to access criminal history information under state or federal law;
(e) "entity id" means an entity's unique identifier that is used to access criminal history information;
(f) "FBI" means the Federal Bureau of Investigation within the United States Department of Justice;
(g) "login id" means a unique identifier in UCJIS for a user or non-user;
(h) "misuse" means the access, use, disclosure, or dissemination of records for a purpose prohibited or not permitted by statute, rule, regulation, or policy of a governmental entity;
(i) "NCIC" means the National Crime Information Center;
(j) "non-user" means a person working for or with an agency, who does not have direct access to UCJIS but has indirect access to records, including individuals who may:
(i) access computer systems or programs used to access UCJIS files; or
(ii) have unrestricted access to a location containing UCJIS records or a computer with UCJIS access;
(k) "ORI" means originating agency identifier;
(l) "provider" means a law enforcement agency as defined in Subsection 53-1-102(1)(c), the Utah Attorney General's Office, a county attorney's office, a district attorney's office, or a city prosecutor's office;
(m) "records" means records created, maintained, or to which access is granted by the bureau, including criminal history information;
(n) "right of access program" means a program established under Subsection 53-10-108(9) in which a provider makes an individual's UCH and warrant of arrest information available to the subject of the record;
(o) "TAC" means an agency's terminal agency coordinator;
(p) "UCH" means Utah Criminal History;
(q) "UCJIS" means Utah Criminal Justice Information System, which includes the Criminal Justice Information System; and
(r) "user" means a person working for or with an agency who has direct access to UCJIS or who obtains UCJIS records from a person who has direct access.

Utah Admin. Code R722-900-3

Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2016-2, effective 12/22/2015
Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2019-14, effective 6/24/2019