Utah Admin. Code 649-3-2

Current through Bulletin 2024-13, July 1, 2024
Section R649-3-2 - Location And Siting of Vertical Wells and Statewide Spacing for Horizontal Wells
1. In the absence of special orders of the board establishing drilling units or authorizing different well density or location patterns for particular pools or parts thereof, each oil and gas well shall be located in the center of a 40 acre quarter-quarter section, or a substantially equivalent lot or tract or combination of lots or tracts as shown by the most recent governmental survey, with a tolerance of 200 feet in any direction from the center location, a "window" 400 feet square.
1.1. No oil or gas well shall be drilled less than 920 feet from any other well drilling to or capable of producing oil or gas from the same pool.
1.2. No oil or gas well shall be completed in a known pool unless it is located more than 920 feet from any other well completed in and capable of producing oil or gas from the same pool.
2. The division shall have the administrative authority to determine the pattern location and siting of wells adjacent to an area for which drilling units have been established or for which a request for agency action to establish drilling units has been filed with the board and adjacent to a unitized area, where there is sufficient evidence to indicate that the particular pool underlying the drilling unit or unitized area may extend beyond the boundary of the drilling unit or unitized area and the uniformity of location patterns is necessary to ensure orderly development of the pool.
3. In the absence of special orders of the board, no portion of the horizontal interval within the potentially productive formation shall be closer than six hundred-sixty (660) feet to a drilling or spacing unit boundary, federally unitized area boundary, uncommitted tract within a unit, or boundary line of a lease not committed to the drilling of such horizontal well.
4. The surface location for a horizontal well may be anywhere on the lease.
5. Any horizontal interval shall not be closer than one thousand three hundred and twenty (1,320) feet to any vertical well completed in and producing from the same formation. Vertical wells drilled to and completed in the same formation as in a horizontal well are subject to applicable drilling unit orders of the board or the other conditions of this rule that do not specifically pertain to horizontal wells and may be drilled and produced as provided therein.
6. A temporary six hundred and forty (640) acre spacing unit, consisting of the governmental section in which the horizontal well is located, is established for the orderly development of the anticipated pool.
7. In addition to any other notice required by the statute or these rules, notice of the APD for a horizontal well shall be given by certified mail to any owners within the boundaries of the designated temporary spacing unit.
8. Horizontal wells to be located within federally supervised units are exempt from the above referenced conditions of Subsections (5), (6) and (7).
9. Exceptions to any of the above referenced conditions of Subsections (3) through (7) may be approved upon proper application pursuant to Section R649-3-3, Exception to Location and Siting of Wells, or Section R649-10, Administrative Procedures.
10. Additional horizontal wells may be approved by order of the Board after hearing brought upon by a request for agency action filed in accordance with Section 40-6-5.

Utah Admin. Code R649-3-2

Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2020-15, effective 7/27/2020