Utah Admin. Code 616-2-6

Current through Bulletin 2024-14, July 15, 2024
Section R616-2-6 - Variances to Code Requirements
A. In a case where the Division finds that the enforcement of any code would not materially increase the safety of employees or general public, and would work undue hardships on the owner or user, the Division may allow the owner or user a variance pursuant to Section 34A-7-102. Variances must be in writing to be effective, and can be revoked after reasonable notice is given in writing.
B. Persons who apply for a variance to a safety code requirement must present the Division with the rationale as to how their boiler or pressure vessel installation provides safety equivalent to the safety code.
C. No errors or omissions in these codes shall be construed as permitting any unsafe or unsanitary condition to exist.

Utah Admin. Code R616-2-6