Utah Admin. Code 608-1-8

Current through Bulletin 2024-09, May 1, 2024
Section R608-1-8 - Response to Complaint
A. A respondent shall file a signed response to the complaint with the Division within 10 days from the date of the notice required by R608-1-7.B.
B. The response must address each allegation contained in the complaint, including any available and relevant data and information regarding respondent's business practices.
C. Division staff shall be available during normal business hours to provide reasonable assistance to respondents in completing and filing responses.
D. Failure to file a response may result in the Division concluding its investigation based on information provided by the complainant and such other information as is reasonably available to the Division. Alternatively, the Commission may use its subpoena powers to compel production of the information required by this rule.

Utah Admin. Code R608-1-8