Utah Admin. Code 602-1-4

Current through Bulletin 2024-12, June 15, 2024
Section R602-1-4 - Filing of Documents
1. Pursuant to Section 34A-1-304 and subject to the limitations and requirements of this rule, a document required or permitted by statute or rule may be delivered by electronic means. All documents filed with the administrative law judge shall be filed with all other parties to the adjudicative proceeding and shall provide verification of mailing, electronic transmittal, or service on, all parties to whom copies of the documents are mailed or personally delivered.
2. Parties shall not file courtesy copies with the Division.
3. Delivery by electronic transmittal is limited to documents in PDF format delivered to sites specified by the Adjudication Division or the Commission. Documents delivered by electronic transmittal must include signatures. Electronic documents filed in non-PDF format are not considered delivered to the Division of Adjudication.
4. Each electronically transmitted document shall include a delivery certificate that lists the time and date on which the document was transmitted, the name of the person who transmitted the document, and the name and email address of each person or entity to which the document was transmitted. If a party utilizes delivery by electronic transmittal, the document filed must include an electronic address where the party may receive documents. The Adjudication Division and all opposing parties may use electronic transmittal as the sole method of delivery to that party.
5. The Adjudication Division and parties may sign an order, letter, pleading or other document using any form of signature recognized by law as binding including an electronic signature.
A. An "electronic signature" means an electronic process, symbol or other data in digital form attached to an electronically transmitted document and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record.
B. If a rule requires an affidavit or a notarized, verified or acknowledged signature the person may submit a declaration pursuant to Utah Code Section 78B-5-705. If a statute requires an affidavit or a notarized, verified or acknowledged signature and the party electronically files the paper, the signature shall be notarized pursuant to Utah Code Section 46-1-16.
6. The first document delivered to the Adjudication Division becomes the original document filed. Any copies of the document filed with the Adjudication Division will not be retained.

Utah Admin. Code R602-1-4

Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2015-21, effective 10/9/2015