Utah Admin. Code 501-19-5

Current through Bulletin 2024-14, July 15, 2024
Section R501-19-5 - Specialized Services Required to Serve Clients Under the Division of Services for People With Disabilities (DSPD)
(1) Each residential treatment provider serving a DSPD client shall:
(a) develop and adhere to policies and procedures governing the daily operation and activity available and applicable to each client and visitor;
(b) specify, in policy, the amount of time non-client individuals may stay as overnight guests;
(c) present each client with an individual plan that addresses appropriate day treatment;
(d) share a monthly activity schedule with each client;
(e) maintain a record of income and client service fees;
(f) ensure the facility is located within a reasonable distance from school, church, recreation, and other community facilities;
(g) maintain an accurate record of each fund deposited with the residential facility for client use;
(h) maintain a list of each deposit and withdrawal;
(i) maintain a receipt signed by the client and professional staff for any purchase over $20;
(j) maintain a record of each client petty cash fund; and
(k) apply for any unearned income benefits the client is entitled to, in conjunction with the support coordinator for DSPD and each client's parent or guardian.
(2) If there is a conflict between a licensing rule and the settings rule as defined in Rule R501-1, the settings rule shall prevail.

Utah Admin. Code R501-19-5

Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2022-02, effective 1/6/2022
Repealed by Utah State Bulletin Number 2022-02, effective 1/6/2022
Adopted by Utah State Bulletin Number 2024-03, effective 1/22/2024