Utah Admin. Code 307-202-2

Current through Bulletin 2023-18, September 15, 2023
Section R307-202-2 - Definitions

The following additional definitions apply only to R307- 202.

"Attainment areas" means any area that meets the national primary and secondary ambient air quality standard (NAAQS) for the pollutant.

"County or municipal fire authority" means the public official so designated with the responsibility, authority, and training to protect people, property, and the environment from fire, within their respective area of jurisdiction.

"Federal Class I Area" means an area that consists of national parks exceeding 6,000 acres, wilderness areas and national memorial parks exceeding 5,000 acres, and all international parks that were in existence on August 7, 1977. See Clean Air Act section 162(a).

"Fire hazard" means a hazardous condition involving combustible, flammable, or explosive material that represents a substantial threat to life or property if not immediately abated, as declared by the county or municipal fire authority.

"Native American spiritual advisor" means a person who leads, instructs, or facilitates a Native American religious ceremony or service; or provides religious counseling; is an enrolled member of a federally recognized Native American tribe; and is recognized as a spiritual advisor by a federally recognized Native American tribe. "Native American spiritual advisor" includes a sweat lodge leader, medicine person, traditional religious practitioner, or holy man or woman.

Utah Admin. Code R307-202-2

Amended by Utah State Bulletin Number 2014-21, effective 10/6/2014