S.C. Code Regs. § 123-54

Current through Register Vol. 48, No. 5, May 24, 2024
Section 123-54 - Chronic Wasting Disease Prevention, Unauthorized Cervid Parts, Use and Possession of Excretions and Carcass Importation Regulations
Section 1. Definitions
1. "Cervid" means a member of the family Cervidae.
2. "Chronic wasting disease (CWD)" means a fatal neurological disease of cervids belonging to a group of diseases called transmissible spongiform encephalopathies.
3. "Clean" means having no meat or other tissues attached to the carcass part.
4. "Infected state" means a state of the United States or province of Canada that has a known case of chronic wasting disease.
5. "Importation" means the transportation of a cervid carcass or carcass part into this State.
6. "Whole" means the entire carcass whether eviscerated or not, prior to the carcass being processed.
Section 2. Prohibition on the Importation and Possession of a Whole Cervid Carcass or Carcass Part from an Infected State.
1. No person may import or possess a whole cervid carcass or carcass part from an infected state unless the carcass or part has been converted as specified in subsections (2) or (3) of this section.
2. A person may import a cervid carcass or a carcass part from an infected state if:
(a) Quarters or other portions of meat have no part of the spinal column or head attached; or
(b) Meat has been boned out.
3. A person may import or possess the following inedible parts of a cervid carcass from an infected state:
(a) Antlers;
(b) Antlers that are attached to a clean skull plate;
(c) A clean skull;
(d) Clean upper canine teeth;
(e) A finished taxidermy product; or
(f) The hide.
Section 3. Prohibition on the Use of Natural Cervid Excretions
1. No person shall for the purposes of taking or attempting to take, attracting, or scouting any wild animal in South Carolina possess or use any substance or material that contains or purports to contain any excretion collected from a cervid, including feces, urine, blood, gland oil, or other bodily fluid. This does not prohibit the use of synthetic products or substances collected by a hunter from deer legally harvested in South Carolina. Section 4. Penalty.

The penalty for a violation of this regulation shall be as provided in Section 50-1-130.

S.C. Code Regs. 123-54

Added by State Register Volume 28, Issue No. 5, eff May 28, 2004; State Register Volume 43, Issue No. 05, eff. 5/24/2019.