N.Y. Comp. Codes R. & Regs. tit. 12 § 23-5.18

Current through Register Vol. 42, No. 46, November 18, 2020
Section 23-5.18 - Manually-propelled mobile scaffolds
(a) Platform planking. Scaffold platforms for manually-propelled mobile scaffolds shall be tightly planked for the full width of the scaffolds except for necessary access openings. Such planking shall consist of planks not less than two inches thick full size, exterior grade plywood at least three-quarters inch thick or material of equivalent strength.
(b) Safety railings required. The platform of every manually-propelled mobile scaffold shall be provided with a safety railing constructed and installed in compliance with this Part (rule).
(c) Platform access. A ladder or stairway shall be provided for proper access to every manually-propelled mobile scaffold. Such ladder or stairway shall be affixed to or built into the scaffold and so located that when in use it will not have a tendency to tip the scaffold. Landing platforms shall be provided at intervals not to exceed 35 feet.
(d) Scaffold height. For any free-standing manually-propelled mobile scaffold the ratio of the platform height above the ground, grade, floor or equivalent surface to the minimum base dimension shall assure scaffold stability when in use, but in no case shall such height be more than four times the minimum base dimension.
(e) Casters. Casters shall be properly designed for strength and dimensions to support four times the maximum load intended to be imposed thereon. All casters shall be provided with positive locking devices to hold the scaffolds in position.
(f) Scaffold bracing. Manually-propelled mobile scaffolds shall be properly braced by cross-bracing or diagonal-bracing, or both, to secure vertical members together laterally. Cross-braces shall be of such length as will automatically square and align vertical members so that the erected scaffold is always plumb, square and rigid. All brace connections shall be made secure.
(g) Scaffold footing. Whenever any such scaffold is in use and is occupied by any person, such scaffold shall rest upon a stable footing, the platform shall be level and the scaffold shall stand plumb. All casters or wheels shall be locked in position.
(h) Moving the scaffold. Provisions shall be made to prevent such scaffolds from tipping or falling during their movement from one location to another. Scaffolds shall be moved only on level floors or equivalent surfaces free from obstructions and openings. No person shall be suffered or permitted to ride on any manually-propelled mobile scaffold while it is being moved.
(i) Bridging prohibited. Bridging between two or more manually-propelled mobile scaffolds or between any such scaffold and other supports is prohibited.

N.Y. Comp. Codes R. & Regs. Tit. 12 § 23-5.18