N.M. Code R. §

Current through Register Vol. 34, No. 18, September 26, 2023
A. The statement of need is a description and explanation of the amount and the types of new resources, including the technical characteristics of any proposed new resources, to be procured, expressed in terms of energy or capacity, necessary to reliably meet an identified level of electricity demand in the planning horizon and to effect state policies.
B. The statement of need shall not solely be based on projections of peak load. The need may be attributed to, but not limited by, incremental load growth, renewable energy customer programs, or replacement of existing resources, and may be defined in terms of meeting net capacity, providing reliability reserves, securing flexible resources, securing demand-side resources, securing renewable energy, expanding or modifying transmission or distribution grids, or securing energy storage as required to comply with resource requirements established by statute or commission decisions.

N.M. Code R. § NMAC - N, 4-16-07, Adopted by New Mexico Register, Volume XXXIII, Issue 20, October 25, 2022, eff. 10/27/2022, Amended by New Mexico Register, Volume XXXIII, Issue 22, November 29, 2022, eff. 11/29/2022